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WordPress Page Read Counter 2.0

This is the lastest version of wordpress page read counter.

WordPress Page Read Counter 2.0

What’s News?

  1. If you want, admin readings not count
  2. If you want, you can stop counting and only show count number
  3. 2 different statistic shown. These are; Total counter and Daily Counter for every post or page.
  4. You can add your codes in counter functions
  5. You can list most reading pages on total counter
  6. You can list most reading pages on daily counter
  7. Automatic database installation
  8. Automatic database upgrading for 1.0 – 1.1 to 2.0 (first older data export new table and than old counter table deleted)

A new version released. Please click here.INSTALLATION AND UPGRADEClich here and download wordpress page read counter 2.0. If you are using page read counter 1.0 (1.1) already, please go plugin management page and deactive it. After, you upload sayfa_sayac.php on the plugin directory and overwrite old version.USING PLUGINWe have 3 different fuction on 2.0 version. One of theme is sayfa_sayac()Using sayfa_sayac() functionWe use sayfa_sayac() function in our template files like this:[php][/php]and explaining like sayfa_sayac(),[php]ToplamdaEnCokOkunanlar($liste_uzunluk, $sayidan_once, $sayidan_sonra, $hepsinden_once, $basliktan_once, $basliktan_sonra, $hepsinden_sonra) [/php]Here, I don’t make explaining. Because it’s so basic for you :roll:BugunEnCokOkunanlar() , list todays readings on daily counter.Example Code;[php]

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