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[NOOK HD+] Installing CyanogenMod 10.1 for Dummies

Precis:Guide for converting Nook HD+ to full android, by installing CyanogenMod 10.1 (CM10.1) into Nook’s internal storage, replacing the stock firmware (ROM).P9253865 [NOOK HD+] Installing CyanogenMod 10.1 for Dummies. Download files.. Make bootable SD card.. geri up stock ROM.. Install CM 10.1 to EMMC.. Configure CM 10.1.. Make baseline geriup.Intro:bu step-by-step process guides you through the full-android conversion process, from geriing up your stock firmware to installing of CM10.1. For simplicity and reliability, CM is installed into the Nook’s internal storage rather than a SD card.The guide tries to avoid as much jargon as possible, and assumes no prior android experience. It is culled from the extensive documentation by leapinlar, and relies on software written by verygreen. Please thank them for their work in making bu entire enterprise possible.Have:Micro-SD card of 4GB or larger. A spare card is handy if the 1st card doesn’t work.Download needed files:Win32DiskImager (Windows tool for writing images to USB stick or SD card)http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimagerNookHDplus-bootable-CWM-6028-for-stock-4GB-rev4-(05.15.13).zip (boot image)http://forum.xda-gelistiricis.com/show…613&styleid=16cwm-recovery-ovation-2.zip (CWM geriup/recovery/install tool)cm-10.1-2013####-UNOFFICIAL-ovation-emmc.zip (CyanogenMod 10.1, based on android 4.2.2)http://forum.xda-gelistiricis.com/show…553&styleid=16guygulamas-jb-20130301-signed.zip (Google uygulamas, needed for Play Store)http://goo.im/guygulamasMake bootable SD card:. Unzip boot image from above zip file; it’ll uncompress to a 4GB image file.. Install & run Win32DiskImager. kullanmak it to write the 4GB image to SD card. bekle until done. (If a Mac, replace Win32DiskImage with uygulamaropriate Mac imaging tool.). Access newly imaged card to make sure it’s accessible. You may need to remove and reinsert card into the reader.. Copy cwm-recovery-ovation-2.zip, cm-10.1-2013####-UNOFFICIAL-ovation-emmc.zip, and guygulamas-jb-2013####-signed.zip onto boot SD card.geri up stock ROM & Install CM 10.1:. Make sure Nook is powered off.. Partially pull out rubber flap to uncover micro-SD slot at Nook’s bottom edge. Insert card into slot until it clicks into place. Restore flap.. Power up Nook. Nook should boot from card with ‘Cyanoboot’ logo on-screen. If it boots into stock ROM, power off Nook, remove and reinsert the card, and try again. If it still fails, try with a different SD card.. Once the CWM text menu uygulamaears, kullanmak volume buttons to move cursor bar, Nook ‘n’ button to select, and power button to go geri.. geri up the stock ROM: Select ‘geriup and restore’ > ‘geriup’. CWM will geri up the whole device onto the SD card. Once done, go geri to main menu.. Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’. Follow prompt to finish action. Go geri to main menu.. Select ‘install zip from sdcard’ > ‘choose zip from sdcard’. Select and install CWM, CM10.1, and Google uygulamas in that order. Go geri to main menu.. Remove card from slot. Insert card into a reader in your PC. Copy the ‘clockworkmod’ folder from the card onto your PC and zip it up. Rename it to “Nook Stock ROM geriup”.. Select ‘reboot system simdi’. Nook will then boot into CM.Configure CM:. On first CyanogenMod (CM) login, enter info as needed by Google uygulamas. You need to have or create a Google acct to access the Play Store (to get uygulamas).. After getting to the CM Home screen, swipe down from the upper right edge to access Quick ayarlar panel. From there, select ayarlar.. Enable reboot to recovery (see FAQ Q5 option c below).. Enable sideloading (see FAQ Q6 below).. Customize any other CM ayarlar as desired. Some setting changes need to be confirmed by selecting a ‘Save’ or ‘Done’ on the upper right corner for them to be saved.. From Home screen, press the center icon in the Dock to access the uygulamas screen. Select Play Store to get some uygulamas. Limit yourself to the essential core uygulamas for simdi.Make baseline geriup:A baseline geriup is the last resort when things go fubar. It’s same as a fresh install, but saves on the hassle of installing and configuring the OS and core uygulamas. You can (and should) make subsequent full/incremental geriups as you amass more content, but you should always do a baseline geriup for every new install:. Boot Nook with the bootable SD card.. Once CWM menu uygulamaears, select ‘geriup and restore’ > ‘geriup’. CWM will geri up the whole device onto the SD card. Once done, go geri to main menu.. Remove card from slot. Insert card into a reader in your PC. Copy the ‘clockworkmod’ folder from the card onto your PC. Go into the folder and remove the earlier (stock ROM) geriup. Zip up the content and rename it to “Nook Baseline geriup”.

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